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San Diego iPhone & iPad Repair Services

Whether you own an iPhone or an iPad, you probably do everything you can to protect your apple devices. You may have Apple Care, insurance, and even protective cases. In general, you probably try your best to be careful with your phone & iPad, especially avoiding drops.

If you are anything like most users, you’ve come to realize that dropping your phone is part of life and from time to time technology fails and phones break. If you own an Apple iPad you made a material investment in a great piece of tech. We know how frustrating it can be to have an iPad break or work below standards.

As an iPhone or iPad owner, it’s important to have a trustworthy, affordable and reliable repair service at your fingertips. When your cracked screen needs to be repaired, your phone or iPad has been damaged by water, or you need a new battery, San Diego Tech Experts have you covered

iPhone Screen Repair

Most people don’t know this but an iPhone screen repair is much more than the just swapping out a piece of glass. We have helped many phone owners who tried to repair a phone on their own and only made the problem worse.

Your screen connects to the electronics and repairs must be done with care by a trained professional. Our technicians have replaced thousands of broken and cracked iPhone screens successfully.

In order to provide a hassle free experience, we fix your screen the same day! In most case we will have you in and out the door within 30 minutes to an hour. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a lifetime warranty on all screen repairs. If you have trouble with one of our repairs in the future, just stop by with your phone and we will take care of the issue, the same day!

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Depending on which iPhone you have, you may already have some protections against water and dust. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X are all splash, water and dust resistant.

This means certain iPhones are built to withstand contact from spills but the phones are NOT waterproof.

If your phone has been the victim of severe water damage, contact us immediately. When it comes to water damage on electronics, the faster you act the better. Our technicians are skilled in fixing water damaged iPhones and are standing by to help you. Call or stop by today!

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Apple iPad Pro Screen Repair

If a cracked or broken screen is stopping you from enjoying your iPad, stop by one of our convenient locations today. A friendly expert technician is ready to get your iPad back to optimal performance. Our repairs are fast and thorough for your convenience. We work efficiently but never compromise quality!

Apple iPad Pro Water Damage

For the most part iPads are pretty durable. They can stand up to a little bit of water but are certainly not waterproof. If your iPad experienced water damage, you are not alone. We fix water damaged iPads on a routine basis.

A lot can happen when transporting your iPad, including severe water damage. Repairing water damaged devices is a complicated process that should only be left for top notch electronic technicians. Fortunately for you, our techs are specifically trained to fix water damaged Apple products and do so on a regular basis. Let our team troubleshoot, repair, test and send you on your way with a functioning iPad. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Why use San Diego Tech experts

Lifetime Warranty on all Screen Repairs

We stand beyond our products and services. If our original repair falls apart due to a defective part we installed or our technical workmanship, we will fix it. No cost and no questions asked!

Same Day Repairs

We value your time and we work efficiently to allow customers to get back to their busy days. Our team understands the inconvenience of a broken device and most repairs are fixed within 30 minutes to a hour.


Be aware of amateur technicians! The San Diego Tech Expert Team has repaired over 10,000 devices and acquired a stellar reputation in the communities we serve.

Buy or Sell

In addition to electronic device repair we also buy and sell devices. Sell us your old Phone, Ipad or Computer and take a look around for a new device.